Counterfeit Condoms Penetrate the Israeli Market

Durex has published warnings in Israeli papers that some packages of three Durex Extrasafe and Featherlite condoms on the Israeli market are counterfeit.

The fakes include the phrase “Words’s No. 1 Condom Brand” and “Wodrl’s No. 1 Condom Brand”. The sell-by-date on the outside of the boxes and on the inner package may be different and with the Featherlite, different serial numbers appear on the outer and inner packages.

Finally, the outpackaging of the counterfeits is oily whereas this should be dry.


Presumably, the Counterfeit Extrasafe are less than extra safe. In the past, counterfeit suncream has been sold in the Israeli market. One assumes that the problems with counterfeit condoms may multiply out of control.

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