Israel Patent Office Publishes Tender for Examiners from Ethnic Minorities

Discrimination_thumbnail (1)

age_discriminationThe Israel Patent Office has published a tender for trainee examiners and examining department heads from ethnic minorities.
The placements are available for Arab, Druze and Circassian applicants.


This tender is in line with the policy of corrective discrimination in the civil service, where there is a percentage of jobs allotted to minority candidates.

The politically correct term is corrective preferential treatment, but I prefer the more accurate term ‘corrective discrimination’, as this is still discrimination regardless of the underlying intentions and politics.
I am not sure that I agree with the policy as I believe in a level playing field, but would prefer the best candidates to be chosen without regard of religion or gender. Certainly in the distant past, there has been a policy of friends recruiting friends in the patent office but I think it may be possible to screen candidates and to set aptitude tests that don’t reveal the name, religion of address of candidates. Another way of wording this tender, that doesn’t change the criteria one bit, is ‘Jews need not apply’, and I am not sure that this should be considered inoffensive and acceptable.

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