Happy New Year to our Chinese Clients, Colleagues and Readers

15431626-santa-snake-cartoon-character-with-text-and-chinese-symbolIt is the Chinese New Year. We wish all our Chinese clients, colleagues and readers the appropriate season’s greetings (which I suspect is the funny angular brush strokes after the English greeting in the image.

Being a fluent Parseltongue, I can actually do this in a UK dielect of snake: HSS, ssss HISSS, HSSS SSS SSSS SSSss. It doesn’t transliterate very well, but to be honest, we suspect that snake readers manage English. Besides, Mandarin Snake is written vertically.

More seriously, China is becoming important in R&D as well as manufacturing and consequently, there is a lot of IP work going on in China and from China. Indeed, a large proportion of my income last year originated in China.  Via associates, I also filed a dozen or so patent applications in China (PRC) and in Taiwan on behalf of clients. We have incoming trademark work and outgoing design registrations to both PRC and Taiwan. I am reading a new book on Intellectual Property in China  that Kluwer kindly sent me to review. I visited China both last year, and the year before, and expect to visit again later this year. 


Categories: book review, China, Intellectual Property

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