Opposition to LUXOIL trademark abandoned


Luxoil was filed by the Luxoil Company LTD., as a trademark in Class 3 for antistatics household; wax for polishing; soaps; preparations for soaking linen; liquid cosmetic preparation for hair; liquids for cleaning glasses, including windscreen; cosmetic preparations for animals; cosmetic preparations; cosmetic preparations for baths; washing-up liquids, except for the used for industrial and medical purposes; perfumery products; cologne; preparations for washing linen; preparations for mitigation of linen at washing; preparations for cleaning sewers; preparations for protection of a leather [polishing]; preparations for removal of a rust; preparations for deducing spots; preparations for cleaning; preparations for removal of paints; all included in class 3.

On the mark being allowed, a company called Otkrytoe Akstionerno filed an opposition, but didn’t file evidence. The opposition was dismissed and the mark allowed to stand. The Applicant requested legal fees of 7071 Euros, VAT and out-of-pocket expenses of 1005 Euros; the book-keeper of the legal representatives filing a statement. The Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks agreed to award costs, particularly as the representative of Luxoil did not respond to the request for costs, but found the sums requested exorbitant and unsubstantiated. Consequently, only NIS 4500 in costs were awarded.

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