Israel Patent Office Closed for Pesach

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In the hassle and bustle of spring-cleaning, I am taking a break to inform readers that the Israel Patent Office is closed for Pesach (Passover) from Monday 25, 2013 (14th Nissan י”ד בניסן תשע”ג) until Tuesday 2, 2013  (כ”ב בניסן תשע”ג).

NOTE – the Israel Patent Office is OPEN on Palm Sunday. It is also open on 8th Day of Pesach as celebrated in the Diaspora, but not in Israel.

Any deadline (including Paris and PCT filing dates) that fall during the closure, are extended until Tuesday 2, 2013. Applicants filing PCT applications claiming priority from a US Provisional should be aware that the USPTO will consider these as not timely filed if the regular Paris deadline is missed, since the USPTO is open over Pesach  This is the case even if the USPTO is not a competent receiving office, such as where no applicant is a US citizen or a US registered company.

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