Israel Trademark application number 226637 for the word mark MOOI, was filed by Dansher 1993 LTD., for cookies and cakes; all included in class 30.

There is a related graphic trademark mark application, 222501 for a line of production of chocolate chip cookies also in class 30. The graphic trademark application is reproduced below.


When these marks were allowed and published for opposition purposes, Mewah Brands (S) Pte Ltd.  filed an opposition.

Mewah Brands manufactures various oils and margarines at a facility called Moi Foods in Malaysia.

Applicant requested that the opposer file a bond for NIS 30,000 to ensure that if the opposer fails in their opposition, that the applicant’s costs be met. (As Malaysia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, this isn’t unreasonable).

The Adjudicator of Intellectual Property, Ms Yaara Shoshani Caspi agreed to this request. The Opposer ignored it. The Applicant then requested that the opposition be considered abandoned, and this was ignored as well.

Ms Shoshani-Caspi then ruled the opposition abandoned. The Applicant requested costs and provided evidence of NIS 28,890 in actual costs, and Ms Shoshani Caspi accepted this evidence as sufficient and also ruled considered the costs reasonable. The marks are therefore registered and the opposer has 30 days from the 18th March 2013 to pay these costs or they will be linked to the cost of living and interest will accrue.


I suspect that eventually Israel and Malaysia will establish diplomatic relations, and then this award will be paid.


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