Professor Jeremy Phillips Receives Outstanding Achievement Award from Managing Intellectual Property

Professor Jeremy PhillipsWe note with satisfaction that Professor Jeremy_Phillips has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from Managing Intellectual Property (MIP). A link to the ceremony where Jeremy is presented the trophy by James Nurton may be found here.

I used to write the Israel IP updates for MIP.

Jeremy’s name is a little less exciting than that of previous winner Wubbo de Boer, but that’s part of his charm. He seems so ordinary, but is yet so erudite, and so very entertaining.

Jeremy actually launched MIP, but that is true of other leading IP journals as well. He is currently the Editor of the Oxford Journal of Intellectual Law and Practice. Jeremy is also a distinguished blogger, whose flagship blog is the IPKAT, a generally informative and entertaining blog from a European perspective. The blog is written by a team, and is regularly updated.  He is, however, involved in a plethora of regional blogs such as IP Tango, Afro IP, Spicy IP – which he claims to encourage but not actually write for, and special interest blogs, such as those dealing with copyright, patent term extensions and other esoteric IP. He is actively involved in some 13 IP blogs, and richly deserves his reputation as the IP Blogmeister. His own blogspot is here.

Jeremy’s long list of achievements would become tiresome, there’s such a lot of it. I’d therefore like simply to thank him for his support and advice concerning the IP Factor blog, and for generously speaking at various conferences and seminars I’ve organized.

My former partner Jeremy M Ben-David, introduced Professor Jeremy Phillips as a mensch who radiates both yiddishkeit and IP knowledge. I think that is indeed a fitting tribute.

I look forward to his company for supper on his next trip to Israel.

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