Israel Trademark Application 24/7 Refused as Lacking Distinctiveness


A. D. Tuval LTD. filed Israel Trademark Application Number IL 233243 for “24/7” covering travel agent services. Although a notice of allowance issued, the trademark office canceled this, stating that it was send by mistake, and refused the mark. In an oral hearing, the applicant claimed that providing travel agency services around the clock was a revolution in the field and differed from standard practice. Deputy Commissioner Jaqueline Bracha noted that the mark was required to be distinctive, not the service being provided, and considered 24/7 a standard term for round the clock services that did not have a distinctive character. Applicant argued that the term 24/7 was an Americanism not widely understood in Israel, and noted that another firm that specialized in last minute travel deals had successfully registered Daka Tishim, literally the 90th Minute.

Ms Bracha considered Daka Tishim more distinctive than 24/7 on the scale of things, but noted that that mark was not under appeal.

The mark was refused.

Ex Partes Decision re Israel Trademark Application Number IL 233243 for “24/7”, 29 April 2013.

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  1. “Applicant argued that the term 24/7 was an Americanism not widely understood in Israel”. Leaving aside the incorrectness of this statement, why would the applicant choose a symbol which, by his own admission, is not understood? This would defeat the purpose, Do they ever think the arguments though to the logical conclusion?

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