Opposition Withdrawn and Patent Allowed


In Febrary 2007, Israel patent Number 171865 to Speedline technologies, titled METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULTANEOUS INSPECTION AND CLEANING OF A STENCIL published for opposition purposes, and an opposition was filed in may 2007.  It has now, six years later been  withdrawn. In a brief statement, Ms Yaara Shoshani Caspi has ruled that she does not see any reason to continue the opposition as an in partes procedure with the patent office taking an inquisitional position. The application will therefore be allowed.


This announcement tells nothing of the reasons for opposition or why Ms Shoshani caspi ruled that there was no public interest justification to prevent the application for issuing. This information is also not on the IPO website. If someone reviews the file and submits a request for cancellation, no doubt we will be wiser.

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