General Meeting of the AIPA – Maybe sending out invitations by snail mail could be useful

General  MeetingIn a recent post I reported on the forthcoming general meeting of the Israel Association of Patent Attorneys – the AIPA.

I’ve just received a reminder from them, apparently sent to all the email addresses they have, reminding us that if we haven’t paid membership, we should do so.

The email was sent to 100 addresses. Three were to the same Daniella at alternative addresses (none of them correct) and a couple to Yitzhak Rachailowich. in other words, there aren’t 100 discrete recipients.

I am aware of a couple of other practitioner’s emails that aren’t up to date because of practitioners moving firms.

Dr Ben Spungin who joined me last year from Reinhold Cohn complained to me that he wasn’t informed about the General Meeting.  No doubt his former colleagues on the committee forgot to update the membership list.

What is sad about this, is that the invitation was sent out by email only.  That’s fine if a genuine effort is made to keep in contact with the approximately 400 licensed practitioners that are eligible for membership. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.  then again, the elections are unconstitutional and the organization is dormant.

I am doing what I can to publicize this GM, although I don’t see the point of attending.

NOTE – Any vague similarity between the cartoon above and Dr Ed Langer, the treasurer of the AIPA, is purely coincidental.

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  1. Sent to 100 adressess ? Haven’t you heard of the Bcc function? It’s bad manners to reveal to a client all the other firms you are in contact/business with (although these lists are nice to have).

  2. I am the treasurer of the Israel Patent Attorneys Association (IPAA), the Chairperson is Michal Hackmey at Reinhold Cohn

    We represent the local practitioners, especially in relation to the operation of the Israel Patent Office.

    In all of the changes that have been made recently and over the years in the regulations of the Israel Patent Office, our organization has been involved in consultation with the Israel Patent Office staff in order to represent the interests of the professionals and clients who will be affected by those changes.

    In addition, in the last approx. 24 months the former Commissioner, Dr Meir Noam, placed a message on the Israel Patent Office website
    This was a notice to the public that there are some individuals / organizations offering services in this field without having a license to do so. Dr Noam was warning the public about this, and it was our association that brought this problem to his attention. We have also been responsible to establish a code of ethics for work of the professionals in this field.

    We are also involved in local IP lectures usually in co-operation with the local AIPPI branch of the international organization We would be pleased to have you join our organization.

    There is a General Membership meeting on July 3 2013 – I will send you an invitation if you are interested. I believe the invitation was opened to all the registered patent attorneys (members or not) to give all a chance to know more about our organization.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions
    Regards, Ed Langer

    • Ed,

      I think this is the problem.

      The organization represents the profession without being representative of the profession, since the elections are, well, fixed.

      I think Reinhold Cohn is big enough to represent itself without the organization. The attitude is a little patronizing.

      I don’t think getting a toothless warning about unlicensed practitioners on the Israel Patent Office is a major achievement in fighting against the phenomenon, but agree that it is a fair summary of the organization’s achievements.

      the majority of IP seminars are held by other organizations. It is nice that the AIPPI has co-hosted with the AIPA or IPAA, or whatever. How many events were held over the past two years?

  3. It’s a moribund organization which serves no useful purpose.

    Ed: the Israel PTO may have a notice up on its site about unlicensed practitioners, but then why does the Office allow those same unlicensed practitioners to represent clients before the Office?

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