IP Farce or IP Drama? – Double Booking on 3rd July 2013


For IP culture vultures, there are two events on 3rd July 2013.  At 4:30 PM in American Zionist House, the Israel Association of Patent Attorneys (AIPA) are holding their General Meeting. Once every four years, this farce is performed. The election is rigged, and then the organization will go dormant for another four year interval, except perhaps piggybacking on an AIPPI event. The cost of this matinee is free, but in order to vote, you have to pay memebership, which is NIS 200 I believe.

In Herzliyah that evening, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, a US firm of patent attorneys are presenting a Courtroom drama, titled “You are the Jury” 3 Jul 2013 at Beit Heyl Ha’Avir Auditorium
15 Jabotinsky Street, Herzliyah, Israel The program costs a NIS 100 donation to Ezer MiZion a well known philanthropic organization.

The play stars well known Israel actors, Ishai Golan  (the Slut “הנותנת”), Daniella Wircer (“the Bubble”‎ הבועה) , Zohar Strauss (Eyes Wide Open)  and Rona Lipaz Michael (Lemon Tree עץ לימון), on stage with Finnegan litigators in a courtroom drama packed with humor, fun, and music. While it will certainly be entertaining, it contains serious and important lessons about the U.S. legal system and how to develop stronger patents for your company. The play, which is being billed as a Story of Love, Lust & Patent Infringement, starts at 6:30, and is preceded by a buffet supper at 6:30.


So there you have it.  Patent Attorneys can listen to each other moan impotently about non-Israel licensed practitioners making inroads into Israel’s IP scene, or can go and watch a play that is a very creative PR event by one of the bigger non-Israel IP firms.

I’ve attended and enjoyed Finnegan bashes in San Francisco, Washington and Boston. Their events are always well crafted and a lot of fun. This initiative looks as though it will be a lot of fun as well.

The professional actors in this performance are known for provocative films with nudity, homosexuality and pro-Palestinian themes. Then again, some of those same films, and also some of their better known TV series have strong Jewish content. I suppose any well known Israeli actor will have taken his or her clothes off on camera at some stage of their career. So are these famous actors and actresses going to strip off again? Are Gerson Panitsch and his fellow IP litigators going to get undressed on stage? Who knows?  The play is being billed as a courtroom drama with humor, fun and music, which seems to imply that it is family viewing. Then again, it is subtitled a tale of love, lust (and patent infringement).

I have attended AIPA general meetings as well, and expect that there will be less humor, fun and music. I don’t think nudity is likely, but the event is closed to AIPA members, so one can’t bring the kids anyway.

We applaud Finnegan on this initiative. I am aware of the Israel Association of Patent Attorneys (AIPA) perspective on non Israel licensed practitioners providing legal services in Israel. I don’t think this play is a legal service. I will shortly address the legal issue of non-Israel licensed practitioners offering services in Israel in a future article.

So can we expect Israeli patent professionals to put on plays?

We note that successful patent litigator Adi Levit has written a best selling novel in Hebrew called “Swallowing God” around an IP theme. Kfir Luzzatto (of Luzzatto et Luzzatto) is not only a patent attorney, but also a successful novelist.  Kfir may be a descendant  of famous play-write (and author, Rabbi, Kabbalist and poet) Moshe Chaim Luzzatto רמח”ל)  1707-1746). So other Israeli IP professionals apart from this blogger have literary talent. Perhaps the AIPA should hold an annual play? It would perhaps give the organization some reason d’etre.

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