New Israel Patent Office Circulars

The Israel Patent Office has published a new Circular (22-2013) relating to amending patents after grant, and has also updated circular 11-2013 which relates to the Section 18 obligation concerning submitting prior art references to the Israel Patent Office.


circular saw

As far as amending patents after grant, amendments are allowed provided that no new material is added and that the claimed invention is not widened. The Patentee must supply clean and marked up pages with a version number and must supply these as .PDF or .TXT file on a DVD so that third parties can review and oppose on publication for opposition purposes. Support for the amendments must also be provided.


magic roundabout

With regard to prior art submissions, both the applicant and also third parties submitting relevant prior art under Section 164a within two months of publication of the Notice of Imminent Examination, must supply one copy of non-patent literature on a DVD or CD. The third party deadline is non-extendable.
Circular 13-2012 cancels the following circulars: M.N. 77, M.N 83, M.N. 51 and Circular 5 (Yoel Tzur).

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