Israel Trademark “Sanotracin” Opposed by Sano, and abandoned by BioMed Protect

sano sano heb

Bio-Med Protect LLC filed an International Trademark Application for “Sanotracin” covering Disinfectant liquids used as disinfectant wipes, spray, liquid or in concentrate forms to rapidly kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores in class 5. The International trademark no. 1098072 included Israel.

Israel’s number one manufacturer of bleaches, cleaning fluids, etc. is called Sano. Not surprisingly, they opposed the registration of the mark in Israel (TM 1098072).

Details of the opposition were sent to the International Office that handled the application, but no response was forthcoming. The mark was therefore refused.


Sano started manufacturing and distributing detergents and cleaning products 50 years ago.

As of 2009, Sano has over 1400 employees and markets over 600 products. Total sales reach approximately $300 million per year. Sano is the leading detergent products manufacturer in Israel. Sano exports to many countries including Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, the UK, and many others.

I can’t see Sano being  willing to compromise on this, nor can I see the Applicant prevailing. Letting the application lapse seems to be a wise move.

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