Blumarine Bellissima

blumarine belissima

Israel Trademark Application No. 227957 for Blumarine Bellissima covers cosmetics in general, including perfumes; perfumes in solid form; deodorants; soaps; liquid soaps; cakes of soap; foam baths; dentifrices; shampoos; essential oils; hair lotions; perming products and setting of hair; gels; hair tints; face creams; mascara; eyeliner pencils; eye shadows; make-up pencils; clay for the face; lipsticks; make-up foundations; body creams; nail polish; nail hardeners; suntanning oils and creams; detergents; whiteners; fabric softeners; soaps; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive products; all included in class 03. The mark was filed by Blufin SpA and opposed by Madonna Textiles Marketing and Trade LTD. The Opposer filed evidence and then the applicant decided to abandon the mark. The agents for the Opposer filed a request for costs of NIS 13,869, including NIS 7950 in lawyers fees, NIS 5000 in accountants fees and a miscellaneous NIS 919. The Opposer did file receipts but these were not detailed or itemized, and the Arbitrator of Intellectual Property, Ms Shosani Caspi didn’t consider the sums involved justified when considering the amount of work done, although the applicant hadn’t commented. The costs awarded were NIS 7000 including VAT.

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