AIPPI to Host Conference in Israel on How to Make IP Work for Businesses


The AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle) is hosting a conference titled “How to Make IP Work for Businesses”

The conference will be held on 10 and 11 November 2013 at the Dan Panorama Convention Center, Tel Aviv, and apparently features over 80 speakers from Israel, US, Europe and Asia, which means that each one will be rather limited in terms of time.

The program is as follows:

First Day Sessions- Nov. 10:
– Commercialization of Know-How and IP Rights
– Workshop on Approaching Investors
– Copyrights and the Future of “Open Source”
– The Interface Between IP and Competition Law
– Claim Construction & Implications
– Enforcement of IP Rights in US, Europe, Asia & Israel
– IP in the Digital Age
– Business and Taxation Aspects of IP
– Gala Event: Smartphone Wars
by Mr. Marshall Phelps

Second Day Sessions- Nov. 11:
– The Rationale and Role of Specialized Patent Courts
– Generating Value from Patents
– The Role of Trademarks in New Businesses of the 21st Century
– The Emerging Importance of Design Protection
– IP Trends in Asia
– Corporate Patents Management
– Trends and Rulings Regarding Service Inventions
– Striking the Right Balance, an Analysis of the Present, a Look to the Future

For more details: Phone: (972) 52-3541375   Email:

Does this mean that Israel is becoming recognized as a possible venue on the International IP conference circuit?

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