Israel Patent Office Closed for Suckot, and so is the Korean?


Many of my readers will be aware that the Israel Patent Office is closed from tomorrow, Wednesday 18th of September until Sunday 29th of September due to the festival of Suckot.

I’ve just discovered that this is contagious!  The Korean Patent Office KIPO is closed from September 18 until September 23 in observance of the Korean Chuseok holidays.

Chuseok is an Autumn harvest festival as is Suckot. It starts on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Korean Lunar calendar. Jews consider this month Tishrei as being the seventh month, but the 15th day is the same, or at least is only one day out, since we consider the 15th day as starting Wednesday night.

The first month of the Jewish calendar is the spring month, Nissan, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt. The Koreans no doubt start counting from something similarly significant. The Jewish holidays are kept in the right seasons (more or less) by periodically adding an Extra month at the end of leap years. I suspect the Koreans have a similar solution if their harvest festival is to coincide with the harvest. The moslems don’t adjust the lunar year to correspond with the seasons (that are driven by the solar year), so Ramadan moves backwards through the year and can fall in any month. Meanwhile, in the solar calendar it is September, meaning the seventh month, but it is the ninth month.  July and August were added by Julius and Augustus Caesar, which is just as well, or there wouldn’t be a summer vacation from school!

For more on Suckot, see here

For more on Chuseok, see here

Chabad of Korea – see here

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