New Book on Intellectual Property in Israel

I was rather intrigued to receive a notice about a new title published by Kluwer Press and written by attorneys at Gilat Bareket and Partners, the IP Law company that is a sister of Reinhold Cohn (RCIP), making up the legal part of the RCIP Group. Intrigued, not because I received a notice about an IP book from Kluwer which is a regular event, and I actually review their books from time to time. In the past, I have also received notices of events and the like from Reinhold Cohn, and, of course, from time to time receive legal documents from them since we occasionally cross swords in trademark oppositions and the like.  I’ve also had feedback re blog postings from them.

What was intriguing was that the notice came from the list owned by the Israel Patent Office. Turns out that Eran Bareket, a senior partner at  Gilat Bareket and Partners was likewise intrigued, as was the ombudsman at the Israel Patent Office. An apology for the inadvertently posted advert was subsequently sent by the Israel Patent Office to list subscribers. Despite my surprise at this rogue use of the Patent Office list for promoting the book. I am very excited to learn that there is a new book on IP in Israel.

I am also inquiring about using the patent office list to advertise my blog postings, newsletters and events.

ISrael IP Book

This is the English Press-Release from Kluwer:

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this monograph provides a survey and analysis of the rules concerning intellectual property rights in Israel . It covers every type of intellectual property right in depth – copyright
and neighbouring rights, patents, trademarks, trade names, industrial designs, plant variety protection and chip protection.  Particular attention is paid throughout to recent developments  and trends.
The analysis approaches each right in terms of its sources in law and in legislation, and proceeds to such legal issues as subject matter of protection, conditions of protection, ownership, transfer of rights, licences, scope of exclusive rights, limitations, exemptions, duration of protection, infringement, available remedies, and overlapping with other intellectual property rights.
The book provides a clear overview of intellectual property legislation and policy, and at the same time offers practical guidance on which sound preliminary decisions may be based. Lawyers representing parties with interests in Israel will welcome this very useful
guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its value in the study of comparative intellectual property law.

June 2013, 272pp, softcover
ISBN: 9789041148599
© Kluwer Law International


it is not everyday that a book like this issues. I look forwards to reading it and hope to be able to post a review.

The title, is, somewhat similar to the Liss-Adin book “Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel” published by Oxford University Press 2012. I suspect that the there will be similarities in content as well.

I am not, of course, accusing the authors of this work of plagiarism or copyright abuse, of course. It is expected that there will be similarities when two publishing houses and two IP Law firms decide to write on the same topic. It will be the differences between the works that I suspect will be the most thought provoking.

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