Syria Issues New Copyright and Related Rights Law


Following Presidential Decree No. 62/2013 of September 16, 2013, a new Copyright and Related Right Law was issued in Syria. this new Copyright law annuls the former Law No. 12/2001.  The Implementing Regulations of the new law will apparently be issued by the Minister of Culture in coordination with Minister of Communication and Technology in the near future.

According to a press release by Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property, the sections of the Law cover a wide scope of copyrights and related rights and the means of protection of copyrights and neighboring rights including books, essays and other written works, computer programs and applications, lectures, dramatic works, music compositions and others.  The new law will be published in the official gazette and enter into force six months after the publication.


I am all for copyright and other intellectual property rights. I wonder if the UK trained ophthalmologist that runs the country isn’t suffering from myopia or cataracts? Is updated copyright legislation a pressing problem in Syria? There is a full-blown civil war going on there, with chemical weapons being used against civilians. Maybe restoring calm and some sort of power-sharing between rival factions might be more urgent than copyright and neighboring rights? Does neighboring rights extend to neighbors like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan who are all swamped with refugees?


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