Reinstatement of Israel Patent 151537 to Baruch Cohen (unrepresented)

cold meal

Israel Patent Number  151537 to Baruch Cohen lapsed back in 2005 due to him not having paid the renewal fees.

He claimed to have been hospitalized at the time but did not provide medical evidence. On being asked to furnish medical evidence, it transpired that during the years 2004 to 2006 he was not hospitalized at all, but was living in a hostel. However, he had not informed the patent office of his change of address.

Due to incompatibilities between the details provided in the request for reinstatement and the evidence later produced, together with the fact that despite his situation in 2004 and 2005, he nevertheless managed to pay the issue fees, but not the first renewal, the request was denied.


The patent is for a cold meal and is titled “Cold Meal”. The main claim, which is written in Hebrew, is for a mixture of milk products (including milk, fromage frais, yogurt, etc. in specific proportions, together with other foodstuffs in the same wrapping. It seems to me to be a little like an airplane breakfast, but presumably didn’t seem like that to the Examiner who allowed the application to issue.

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