Oramed Receives European Patent for Oral Delivery of Insulin


Oramed is an Israel company that is doing clinical trials for orally delivered insulin. This is a holy grail for diabetes sufferers who currently have to have regular injections which is unpleasant and can cause infection. For hemophiliacs with diabetes, injections are obviously particularly problematic.

Oramed has now received a European patent for their invention. See here. The patent in question was drafted by Dr Moshe Tritel who unfortunately for me, stayed with JMB, Davis Ben-David, when JMB Factor & Co. disbanded a couple of years ago. Oramed, of course, stayed with Dr Tritel.

Testing for insulin still requires pricking one’s thumb and extracting a drop of blood. One of my Israel clients, AD Integrity, has developed a non-invasive way of monitoring glucose content in blood.

These Israeli inventions are set to revolutionize the lives of the growing number of diabetes sufferers.

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