Advertising Slogans and Other Elements of Advertising Campaign Covered by Copyright


Alei Shalechet, which literally means, ‘Autumn Leaves’, provides burial services. Actually, services is perhaps the wrong word, because their specialty is burials without a service, i.e. secular funerals.

Lifetime events in Israel are managed by the clergy. Most Israelis, even those who are ambivalent towards religion, want a traditional funeral. However, there is a minority who want a civil burial. Then again, not everyone who passes on is eligible for a Jewish, Christian or Muslim burial. Nevertheless, this is a dead-end business that has little appeal to me.

Presumably to drum up business, since few clients want burying more than once, Alei Shalechet ordered an advertising campaign from an advertising agency called  Kav HaOfek Maarechot Shivuck V’tadmit LTD. (Horizon Marketing and Image LTD). This included a Power Point presentation and a slogan. Alei Shalechet eventually used a different publicity firm, but used the slogan provided by Kav HaOfek.

The Kav HaOfek firm sued for Copyright infringement and Unjust Enrichment, and eventually were awarded NIS 75,000 in damages. Notably, the CEO of Alei Shalechet, Alon Netiv, was found personally guilty.

Civil Case 7357-09-10 Kav HaOfek Maarechot Shivuck V’tadmit LTD. vs. Alei Shalechet and others, Petach Tikveh Magistrates Court


The Jewish content at a funeral is fairly minimal and I’ve never seen strong opposition to playing the deceased favorite music. For those wanting cremation, it may be a little more difficult. There are a couple of griffon vulture colonies in Israel, and food is put out to feed the birds. I suppose this offers the opportunity for Nepalese style sky burials. Maybe those not wanting a traditional funeral could donate themselves or their nearest and dearest to medical schools? Many rabbis are against this practice, but it does seem sensible for wannabee surgeons to cut their  teeth hone their skills on the already deceased.

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  1. The opposition to cremation and becoming a cadaver for medical students seems to originate in the hope of bodily resurrection. One of my female ancestors left Russia for Palestine to be buried there. If you couldn’t make it to the holy land, you put a bit of its earth under your head at burial in order to move more quickly when the Messiah came.

    • I am fully aware of where traditional burial comes from. I am also aware that Jacob and Joseph were mummified and that burial traditions have changed over time.

      Do we really believe in a physical resurrection?

      Are natural decay, cremation or medical research really different in terms of what eventually happens to the body.

      Is the vision of the Dry Bones a literal historical prophesy? Who knows…

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