Israel Patent Office Website Goes Bilingual


The Israel Patent Office has launched an English language version of their website. It may be found here.

The website looks like a mirror image of the Hebrew site, and has many of the same features. At present, Patent Office decisions are linked to, but remain in Hebrew. Annual reports have been translated. The translation appears to be humanoid, rather than by machine. It is not perfect, but is quite comprehensible. The online payment doesn’t seem to work, but it is not clear if this is a glitch that will be ironed out, or is intended.

The patent database is lined to but remains in Hebrew. The trademark database that is linked to has the same layout as the Hebrew version but has enough English to be more or less navigable by an English speaker without Hebrew. Since trademarks often are filed in Hebrew, I would urge people not familiar with both languages to use an Israeli attorney for searches.

Perhaps the most obvious omission is the warning on the front-page of the Hebrew site against non-licensed practitioners.

In general, I consider this development a positive one that should have been done years ago.

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