Kosher food at INTA Hong Kong

Chabad of Hong Kong INTA

Chabad have a concession to provide Kosher food at the International Conference Center in Hong Kong, subject to demand. 

INTA participants are used to there being a Kosher stand at the opening reception.  This is not the state of affairs necessarily at AIPPI and other IP conferences.

I would be grateful for anyone attending INTA who would purchase light meals and kosher sandwiches from a Chabad Stall if there is one, to let me know. If I can show demand, Kosher food will be available. Drop me an email (

Obviously, this email is aimed primarily at Jewish participants, but strict vegetarians concerned about rennet free cheese and Moslems concerned about Hallal are welcome to register as well.




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  1. How about lapsed Catholics who fancy a change?

    I hope you are well and no doubt I will see you in a couple of months time.


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