no flats

Housing crisis? A call for stiletto heels? The end of punctures? Read on to find out! On 27 May 2013, Yaara Shoshani Caspi suspended the cancelation proceedings concerning Israel Trademark No. 235764 “No Flats”, pending decisions in Magistrate Court hearing T.A. 1269-05-13 and Appeal to Supreme Court No. 3011/12 of District Court Ruling 1854-02-11 by judge A Yaakov. On 24 January 2014 the Supreme Court referred the case back to the District Court, authorizing it to rule on the rights and reputation of the parties in the mark as part of the Company Disbanding Case  23707-04-10. Ms Shoshani Caspi of the Israel Patent Office noted that the issues before her regarding the scope of the mark were identical to those before the court. Neither side informed the court regarding costs incurred in the case before the magistrate’s court. The Mark owner petitioned the court to throw out the case due to a lack of response, despite the fact that there was a response, albeit a late one, before Ms Shoshani Caspi. In light of the circumstances, Ms Caspi ruled that the ongoing case should remain suspended pending rulings in the remaining courts. The mark covers oil industrial, lubricating oil, Dust absorbing compounds, Wetling compounds, Interconnecting compounds, Fuel materials as well as Gasoline engines and lighting, candles and Lighting kerosene stoves. All included in class 4. The Applicant, Adhestick, is a neighbor of mine in Rosh haAyin.

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