AKUM Received injunction against Arab Music Website

Music Pirate

Judge Adi Zarnkin of the Haifa District Court has accepted charges brought by AKUM (Israeli artist’s copyright collection society) and Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique – SACEM a French copyright association that AKUM serves as a collection agency in Israel, that the INTERNET site Kol ElArav, had played some 20 musical creations without approval, and that AKUM could collect sue on behalf of SACEM. The sum sued for was 1 million shekels. Allegations of direct responsibility of the directors of the internet site were rejected.  Counter-claims that the songs were owned by an Egyptian production company or that the website had paid royalties were dismissed as unfounded.

A permanent injunction was granted, and, considering the infringement as a single event, or alternatively ruling that there was no justification to collect maximum damages for each song, the defendant was ordered to pay 75,000 Shekels compensation.  Furthermore, the judge decided that both sides should bear their own legal fees.

T.A. 60240-05-12 AKUM LTD et al. vs. Col El Arav et al. Haifa District Court, Judge Adi Zankin, 8 April 2014

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