Foamix Announces 5 New US Patents


Foamix is based in Rehovot. Foamix describes itself as a clinical-stage, specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on the development, patenting and commercialization of proprietary topical foams and the first topical minocycline/doxycycline antibiotics to address unmet needs in dermatology.

They have just announced 5 new US patents in the second half of 2013, bringing the total to 25 issued US patents.

The new patents cover:

  • The composition of matter of various kinds of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical foams;

  • Devices for dispensing them; and

  • A novel platform of the topical foam compositions that stabilize unstable drugs such as minocycline and doxycycline, which would otherwise be unstable with other topical carriers.

For more details, see here

Just before Pesach I spoke to one of their in-house patent attorneys, Tami Winitz-Yehezkel, who I worked with a decade or so ago.  We usually chat a couple of times a year, before Pesach and before Rosh haShana. She siad they’ve been busy. I now know why!


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