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sauna Hot and Humid is the best description of INTA Hong Kong. I found myself wilting. The Exhibition had the usual range of software and renewal providers, search engines and publishers, but also some stalls for IP firms from various countries, including China, Korea and Japan, the US and many smaller jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Philippines, etc. Luzzatto et Luzzatto was the only Israeli firm exhibiting. In a clever move, their team was bolstered by the eminently presentable face of Michal Luzzatto, the fifth generation of this four generation patent attorney firm. The quality of the nibbles was better than usual, with a lot of stalls from places like Equador offering high quality dark chocolate. Envoy had chocolate padlocks, instead of the sunflowers from previous years. Brandshield had Israeli chocolate. Michael Chessal had his chocolate business cards made apparently by his wife, who is a chocolatier. Golden Gate were giving out tea caddies, and I distributed some PCT bags to friends. Israeli TM protection firm Brandshield had some fun down-to-earth ribbons for things like “my ribbon is better than your ribbon”, “been there, done that” and the like, that I availed myself of. A pleasant change from the “Professor”, “Speaker”, “Table topic chairperson” and so forth. Patrawin and E.M. Whang had wet-wipes that were useful. Novagraff gave out Babushka key-rings and CPA Global had panda teddies that my daughter will like. Lots of pens, some tape measures, and other junk for the kids. Lehmann had some nice pencil cases. I am using one for holding business cards, which will eventually be given to one of the kids in lieu of a real present. Oxford University Press and Kuwler each kindly gave me a book to review. I will try to read them over the coming weeks.

The conference bag was simply an advert for INTA and for the sponsor Patrix. It was fabricated from foam rubber and is too small and has short straps. Completely useless. I was too tired to attend many receptions. On Monday I attended a Meet-the-Bloggers booze up kindly sponsored by Marks and Clerk. It was held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on a concrete platform covered with a tarpaulin that was called “the lawn”. Hot and humid, the word quickly went around that the bathrooms had air-conditioning, and people went to relieve themselves from the heat, if not to relieve their bladders to make room for more beer.

Marty Schwimmer announced a campaign he was launching to change the racist name of the Washington Redskins that he was launching on the trademark blog. He asked fellow bloggers to link to it. My response has been penned, but unlike the IPKAT, I will wait for him to post before I blog on the subject. On Tuesday I attended a very classy affair sponsored by Sugrhue where the food looked delicious, and where there was some raw vegetables and fresh fruit for Kosher consumers such as myself. I met some colleagues who’d come from Sandy’s reception the “Bar-Mitzva” and said it was phenomenal with his trademark mounds of chopped liver. I also met one or two who had unfortunately been unable to get in without identity cards with pictures, since it was in the JCC. It is a terrible shame and a pity that his guests weren’t warned to bring passports and an even bigger shame that the Hong Kong Jewish Community Center considers the armed guards necessary. I met some old friends and plenty of new ones. The finale is at Disney. I suspect I will feel a little old, but it may be fun.

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  1. We are very glad you liked our chocolates. @vivancoyvivanco

  2. Thanks for sharing, i enjoyed reading your post :-)

  3. Can’t believe you didn’t mention the Tortuga Rum Cake from the Cayman Islands that HSM IP gives out every year. Some people say they attend INTA just for that, and dare not go home without one!

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