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INTA’s final event at Hong Kong’s Disneyland was an opportunity to see my colleagues letting their hair down. I am a firm believer in having a girl in every port, and in the accompanying photo you can see Tweetie-Pie, my Hong Kong girl who let me join her and her family for the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Not having my kids to take me on the fast and furious rides, I enjoyed a couple more sedate activities.  I wish my 11 year old was with me. He’d enjoy Disney, but that’s not the reason. I would have liked to have pointed out that people whose job consists of waving a white Micky Mouse hand and smiling. I’ve been trying to convince him to study a little harder to have more options.

It was amusing that there was a sign by the jungle ride saying that one might get wet. As it was raining on and off, I think most of us got wet anyway. It was odd seeing one of Israel’s leading litigators (who shall remain nameless) wearing a pair of Micky Mouse ears.

Unlike the opening reception where Kosher food was absent, here, as promised the Mystic Point had a room with Kosher food. The same dining area contained vegetarian and Hallal. It could be that all of it was Rabbinically supervised, as Kosher food fulfils the Muslim requirements for Hallal. On the other hand, we were unable to clarify where the Kosher food came from and whether it was supervised or merely ‘Kosher style’. One meat dish was labeled as containing lactose. Was this a mistake? Was it Kosher meat cooked in butter or cream? I ate steamed salmon and salads. Some Kosher keeping konventioners ate everything and one only ate a banana that he pealed himself. Compared to INTA in the US, this was disappointing.  Nevertheless, the proximity of all the special diet foods meant we have Moroccan, Egyptian and Dubai colleagues at the next table. It may not immediately bring about an exchange of work, but I think that cordial relationships between Israeli patent attorneys and their colleagues in nearby jurisdictions is a positive force. I did suggest to one charming Jordanian associate whose first name is Jihad, that perhaps like the Chinese, he should consider an English name like Gerald or Jared.

Overall, Disneyland is not such inappropriate place to hold an INTA event. INTA conferences are a kind of fairy-tale world of receptions and beer drinking, where one fantasizes about landing lots of new corporate clients.

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