Book Launch – IP in the Workplace, Theory, Practice and Comparative Law

Yanitzky Ravid book

On 3 July 2014 at 4 PM, Dr Shlomit Yanitzky-Ravid is launching her new book .”Intellectual Property at the Workplace: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives” at ONO Academic College

הערב שיוקדש לפרסום הספר “קניין רוחני בעבודה, תיאוריה, מעשה ומשפט משווה”  יתקיים ב”ה ביום חמישי ה- 3 ליולי בשעה ארבע עד שמונה וחצי בקריה האקדמית אונו, בהשתתפות ראש רשות הפטנטים עו”ד אסא קלינג, פרופ’ ירון זליכה ואורחים מישראל ומחו”ל.


The book has already been cited by Tel Aviv District Court Judge Michal Agmon-Gonen in a ruling relating to software and in the important ruling by the Committee for fixing royalties for service inventions in Plony vs. the Company.

The field of royalties to employee inventors has attracted a lot of attention in Israel, Australia and the US recently. We don’t have details of the program yet, but no doubt Shlomit, who has been a visiting professor at Yale, will be lecturing. This is a hot topic of major importance and we suspect that this book will be very influential.


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