New Uses for Old

new lamps for old

The Association for Israel Patent Attorneys is hosting a seminar on patenting new uses for old drugs.

Speakers include:

  • Adv. David Gilat (RCIP – Gilat Bareket – represents Pharma so assumed pro drug patent extensions, new uses, etc)
  • Adv. Yair Ziv (Assumed to be the one from Shin Horowitz – Teva’s lawyers, could be for or against, depending on whether the new use is for Copaxone or Seasonique, or someone else’s patented drug)
  • Dr Yaron Tomer (Unipharm – the Tomer dynasty is generally against what they see as ever-greening).

This is followed by a talk on new uses for existing products by Adv. Ena Pugatch (RCIP again)

The event is for members only, so Israel patent attorneys who are not members are invited to join.

The event is to be held on 26 June at 4 PM. As usual for the TelAvivocentric organization, the event is held in ZOA. Worth trying to arrive at 3:30 for refreshments, but more importantly, to arrive before traffic hits. To register:  

The more formal invitation is מכתב מפגש שימושים חדשים יוני 2014[1].


We applaud the organization for organizing this. We applaud them for organizing educational events, noting that in the past there were periods when they didn’t.

We urge members to attend so that the committee will continue to organize events.

It does seem a shame that trainee patent attorneys who could certainly benefit from this in terms of increasing their knowledge and perhaps gaining an insight into passing the exams, are not invited. In general, I think that the already-licensed professionals are less interested in on-going education than perhaps they should be.

If this is going to be a Gilat vs. Tomer debate or boxing match, with Ziv refereeing, it could be fun. I had an idea for a similar event once. What is almost certain, is that all speakers will be biased by their business interests. Nevertheless, with both commercial interests represented, the event as a whole may be balanced and will probably be very informative. 

Some secondary uses, like sildenafil citrate for treating male erectile dysfunction instead of for treating angina in menopausal women are a little more convincing than others.  Is the use of aspirin for lowering blood pressure instead of as a pain-killer a new use? Was willow bark extract used in conjunction with blood-letting, and was it considered a pain-killer or blood pressure reductant?  Is treating one form of insomnia by melatonin different from treating other forms of sleeplessness? Is getting sheep interested in intimate relations a month earlier different from advocating such relations as a means of tiring oneself out and promoting sleep?

Is having two out four speakers from RCIP fair and balanced? As I suspect that half the paid up membership of the organization are RCIP employees, probably.  Not totally disproportionate to their market share either.  Then again, Gilat Bareket and Reinhold Cohn are arguably not the same company, so Ena and Davidi are merely partners in firms having an intimate relationship (that’s the firms having intimate relationships and sharing same premises, NOT the two speakers… ).

Both David and Ena are competent professionals and good speakers, as is Dr Tomer. (I don’t think I’ve heard Yair Ziv but he may well be as well). This promises to be a good event.


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  1. Hi Michael,
    I’m still a trainee, and I enquired as to whether I could attend – I was told that I could, and I will be there.

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