Vifor Pharam

Galenica AG applied for Israel trademark No. 233011. Vifor Pharma Inc. opposed the request. After both sides stated their cases, they requested extensions to allow negotiations towards a mutually accepted solution.

Eventually, after nine requests for extensions, the Commissioner ordered that further requests be substantiated. Both sides continued to request further extensions based on the ongoing nogotiations. The Commissioner refused to grant additional extensions, and on being requested to reconsider, affirmed this decision.


The mark in question is “vifor pharma” as shown above. One can understand why a company called Vifor Pharma might have a problem with a different company having thier name as a registered trademark. However, an opposed trademark is not registered but is in suspense. I fail to see why the Israel Patent and Trademark Office should have a problem with accepting extension fees indefinately, other than how it affects the statistics in the annual report. If this is the issue, why not simply add a graph to show that delays are with the parties and not the patent office?

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