Arutz 7’s take on the 2013 Report of the Israel Patent Office

Arutz 7

In an earlier post, I summarized the 2013 Patent Office Report.

It is interesting to see what happens when journalists who are non-patent professionals analyze and report on the same data.

Arutz 7 is a nationalist news web-site.  It used to be a popular pirate radio station, but was eventually closed down in an en-banc Supreme Court Ruling, which gave the impression that the cutlass welding settlers were making Palestinian’s walk the plank. None of the eminent judges saw fit to refer to freedom of speech or to the classic Kol HaAm decision. Funnily enough, the same politicians who appealed to the Supreme Court against the pirates, nominated Voice of Peace pirate Abu Natan for a Nobel Peace Prize. It is a funny world, but I digress.

Anyway, Arutz 7 have published a write-up of the 2013 report. It may be found here.

What I find fascinating is that they see the main story that can be culled from the data is that the Israel patent office manages to get 99.7% of PCT filings to Geneva in under 4 weeks, where the majority of those held back have security related issues. To me, this statistic indicates that the PCT department works efficiently, but this is probably a factor of over-staffing as much as anything else, since to become an International Search Authority, the Israel Patent Office needed to reach 100 examiners and some of these pad out the PCT Department.

According to Adv. Emi Plimor, the Secretary General of the Justice Ministry, “this reflects the technological level, creativity and innovation of Israeli inventors”.

I am pleased that the Israel Patent Office is so efficient at forwarding applications, but I am not sure how significant it actually is. When it took them a couple of months, there were no repercussions that I am aware of. That said, the on-line payment innovation that saves having to go to the Post Office and then submit the payment physically is a great improvement from the perspective of the practitioner.

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  1. ” None of the eminent judges saw fit to refer to freedom of speech …”
    Freedom of speech wasn’t the issue here. Freedom to operate a radio transmitter on a government-controlled commercial broadcast frequency without a license was the issue. The modulated audio content of the transmission is immaterial – the carrier frequency is the subject of the law.

    • Benny,

      You are of course right, but there is a caveat. Shulamit Alony as Minister of Telecommunications issued a tender for regional and interest group radio stations that was designed to prevent Arutz 7 from obtaining a license. Yossi Sarid went to bagatz whilst backing Abu Natan.

      When the channel became an Internet channel, and here there are no limitations in available frequencies, Sarid and others talked about all the effort they had gone to to close down the station.

      Have you read the decision? I have. There was certainly room for an obitor on freedom of speech.

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