Israel Trademark Arbitrator Cheesed Off with Cancellation Proceedings


Israel Trademark no. IL TM 236375 “פיצרלה” (Pizarella) to Yitzchak Hazot covers Cheese and dairy products; all included in class 29, Pizzas and pizza’s dough; included in class 30, and Restaurants and pizza restaurants; included in class 43.

The mark, issued on 11 June 2011, and Messers Yoel Lavi and Assaf Revach filed a cancellation proceedings on 18 October 2013 through Naomi Assia Law Offices.  On 19 March 2014, withn the framework of the opposition proceedings, the complainants should have filed evidence but failed to do so. On 25 May 2014, the Trademark Office sent a notice that failure to comply would result in the case being closed within 7 days.

On 5 June 2014, the complainants requested an extension to allow further negotiations between the parties, and on 8 June 2014, the Court of the Patent and Trademark Office gave an extension but requested an update from the parties by 22 June 2014. This was not received.  Ruling that the complainant was apparently handling the issue themselves, the arbitrator of the case, Ms Yaara Shoshani Caspi, closed the file and the mark remains valid.


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