Holiday Closures


The Israel Patent Office is closed from 24-27  September 2014 (inclusive) for Rosh Hashana and from
8-18  October 2014 (inclusive) for Suckot.

Yom Kippur is Friday evening and Saturday, so the patent office is closed anyway, however we note that the UN is not merely closed anyway for Yom Kippur, but is actively closed since it is being recognized as a holiday.

Any official Israel Patent Office deadlines due to expire during these holidays will automatically be extended
to the next workday.  This includes Paris filing dates so PCT applications falling due on Rosh HaShana or Suckot may be timely filed immediately afterwards. However, the USPTO may have reservations for a PCT application claiming priority from a US provisional application.

Please note: Sundays are regular workdays in Israel.

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  1. Where did you learn to mis-spell “Succot” (or Sukkot) ? Certainly not in the Jewish primary school in the UK where you first learned about these holidays, I have first hand evidence that the teachers there could, indeed, correctly spell the Jewish festivals, even though their pronunciation left much to be desired.

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