Suggestions Solicited


Next Wednesday, we are holding a PCTea Party in Cinema City. The original program comprises a Champagne Reception cum Tea Party followed by a lecture on recent IP Developments by Professor Jeremy Phillips.

The management of Cinema City have offered me the option of following the lecture with a film show (movie).  It seems like a good idea, but with hundreds of thousands of films to choose from, what should we see?

As it will be  two days before Yom Kippur, the Jazz Singer (Al Jolson) springs to mind. Then there was the remake The Jazz Singer where Lawrence Olivier plays Cantor Rabinowitch. Is Olivier a more convincing Chazan than Jolson is a son of black cotton pickers?

Another option is Judgement Day or then again, Terminator 2, Judgement Day.

Kippur is another option.

On IP themes, Jeremy suggested the Man in the White Suit – with Sir Alec Guiness, which, if the suit is a kittel, could be appropriate for Yom Kippur as well. Another of Jeremy’s suggestions is Intellectual Property.

So what do you think?  Come up with a suggestion and we may screen the movie as an added bonus!

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  1. Social Network. Its a great success in the IP-Classroom! (search Janice Denoncourt’s article on using film as a teaching tool)

    All best wishes for the coming New Year and Well over the fast,


    Ruth Soetendorp Chair, Intellectual Property Awareness Network Professor Emerita, Bournemouth University Associate Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management HEA National Teaching Fellow Visiting Academic, Cass Business School, City University @ruthsoet

  2. Monty Python springs to mind immediately.

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