Israel Patent Office Report 2013 now available in English


The Israel Patent Office has published an English version of its Annual report for 2013 which is available for review here.

The report presents the main activities of the ILPO during 2013 in the fields of Patents, PCT, Designs and Trademarks through quantitative data and statistics. The reports also shows Israel’s international profile in the different fields of intellectual property registration.

I wrote up a summary of the report or rather what trends could be culled from it after the Hebrew version published. My report is here.

I suppose the publication of the English version of the report warrants some additional comment, so I will discuss the graphics! The main image is an origami vehicle suspended beneath a hot air balloon. We assume that this is not meant to indicate a lot of hot air and a waste of paper. We are, however, not sure what it is supposed to  indicate. Suggestions, as always, are welcome!

Categories: design, Israel IP, Israel Patent Agency, Israel Patent Office, Patents, trademark, מדגם, סימן מסחר, סימני מסחר, פטנטים, קנין רוחני

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