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Kim Lindy’s IPR  which offers training courses is advertising their advanced patent prosecution workshop 2014.

One might think that this discusses patent prosecution. far from it. the title of the workshop is “Claim and Specification Drafting for USPTO with an Eye toward Enforcement”.

The program will be held on November 3 2014 and is designed for private or corporate practitioners with patent experience who wish to improve their general claim drafting and amendment writing skills with an eye towards ultimate enforcement.
“In this advanced one-day program, you will have a unique opportunity to receive hands-on drafting experience under the guidance of a globally recognized patent practitioner. You will receive individualized feedback on claim drafting and amendment writing skills. “
The course is being given by Michael Rosen who is an intellectual property attorney and a Principal at Fish & Richardson. that works in Israel on behalf of Fish.
According to Kim’s blurb, Michael Rosen is fluent in Hebrew and began working in Israel on behalf of Fish in August 2014. He specializes in all aspects of patent litigation and strategic counseling in technology areas ranging from the life sciences to computer software and hardware to consumer electronics, and he has experience at the trial, appellate, and Supreme Court levels.  This program is designed for private or corporate practitioners with patent experience, especially in the computer hardware, software, and electromechanical fields, who wish to improve their general claim drafting and amendment writing skills, especially in areas where enforcement is critical.
I believe strongly in on-going education. I practice what I preach to the extent  have read and continue to read books on patent drafting despite having written several hundred applications. I also try to attend lectures and programs in Israel and abroad.
I don’t know Michael Rosen, at least not this one. (I knew a few, including a Rabbi with intellectual and hippy tendencies who has now passed on). Whether this particular Michael Rosen is indeed globally recognized (or indeed what that means) is not something I can comment on.
I recently collaborated with Dr Ben Spungin on writing a patent application, and despite each of us having a lot of experience, we both learned something from each other. I can’t comment on whether this particular course is worth attending, but strongly endorse attending training seminars. The wise man learns from everyone.
Kim is also interested in attracting attendees from outside Israel. For more details regarding this particular program, click here.


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