Arab Lorry with Fake Sports Shoes Stopped At Border Crossing


An East Jerusalem Arab lorry driver carrying 5000 pairs of Nike and Adidas sports shoes was stopped at the Al Zaim border crossing (near Maaleh Adumim, East of Jerusalem) yesterday. The shoes and the paperwork were fake. See here and here. It transpires that the fakes were manufactured in Hebron and the attempt to enter Jerusalem from Maaleh Adumim was to give the impression that the shoes were made in the industrial park at Mishor Adumim.

The lorry driver was stopped as the result of information obtained by Customs and Excise.

Hebron is a hub of fake goods manufacturing. In the past, fakes originating there have included electrical fittings, sunscreen, baby food and CDs and DVDs. Another popular scam is to steal new Israeli cars, drive them to Hebron, dismantle them and then feed the parts into car repair garages. Aparently parts are sometimes stolen to order.

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