Meet the Israel Trademark Examiners

Open Day

The Israel Patent and Trademark Office are having an Open Day, where lawyers and patent attorneys can meet the Examiners.

The meeting will take place on 25 November 2014 at 12:00 am in the lecture hall on the third floor at the Israel Patent Office.

The agenda which is based on suggestions from the Association of Israel Patent Attorneys, the AIPPI and the relevant committee of the Israel Bar includes discussion on:

  • whether office actions are sufficiently detailed or too laconic
  • whether someone submitting an affidavit in ex-partes proceedings should attend hearings
  • updates regarding when examination will occur
  • trademark searches under section 78 of the trademark ordinance 1940
  • correspondence with trademark department concerning International Applications under Madrid
  • updating contact details under circular 015/2012
  • working together to improve translation of lists of goods into Hebrew

So that they have an idea of numbers, people interested in attending are requested to contact the trademark department



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