Narrowing Claims During Oppositions


IL 188066 to Elta “Gunshot Detection System and Method” is being opposed by Rafael.

During opposition proceedings, the Applicant is allowed to narrow the scope of protection by deleting claims or by adding restrictive features.

In addition to claim amendments that were specficially authorized, Elta deleted some additional claims and made further amendments. These amendments were clearly restricting the scope of the claims but Elta exceeded the amendments that were agreed between the parties and did not flag that they were making further amendments.

In the circumstances, the Commissioner Asa Kling accepted the amendments, gave Rafael two months to correct their statement of case and awarded costs of 7000 Shekels costs to Rafael.


Categories: claims, costs, Intellectual Property, Israel Patent, Israel Patent Office Rulings, opposition, Patents, פטנט, פטנטים, קנין רוחני

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