On May 31, 1895, John Harvey Kellogg of battle Creek Michigan filed US 558,393 for “flaked cereal and process of preparing same”


Nearly 120 years later, US IP firm Brooks Kushman joined forces with Italian IP Firm Modiano and Partners, to host a patent breakfast in Liliot, a Tel Aviv restaurant with a social agenda.


The event, by invitation only, was open to boutique IP firms, and, apart from having to drive into Tel Aviv, was a congenial way to start the day, see old friends and colleagues and to learn about recent IP developments. Driving into Tel Aviv from time to time certainly makes one appreciate not living or working there.

Micaela Modliano

Micaela Modliano spoke about using the PPH to accelerate patent prosecution in Europe, and, assuming that the basis of a PPH request would be a US or Israel patent application, discussed the type of amendments that would and wouldn’t be allowed. Israel and Europe have only had a PPH arrangement since January of the year (reported on this blog before the Israel Patent Office announcement).

erin bowles

Erin Bowles of Brooks Kushman spoke about the new possibilities of challenging patent validity since the America Invents Act, particularly a sort of opposition window within 9 months of patents issuing. Erin was on her first visit to Israel and, not being familiar with Purim (which lasts longer in modern day Israel than is strictly speaking, Biblically ordained) was rather surprised to see Robo-cops, smurfs and other weird and wonderful creatures walking past the restaurant.

Robyn Lederman2   

The presentations were informative and dealt with new issues. The Modliano sisters and Robyn Lederman were charming hosts. The food was delicious and the company was excellent. It was a great opportunity to catch up with ex-mentors and ex-trainees, colleagues and competitors.

Liliot helps teenagers from deprived backgrounds to learn catering skills and it was a great choice of venue.

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