LES Event on Employee Inventions and University Inventions


LES Israel is hosting an event on Monday May 18th 2015 on Employee’s Inventions and University Inventions in Israel and Germany.

Speakers include Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar, Adv. Eran Bareket, Adv. Tal Band and Adv. Gil Granot-Meyer from Yeda R&D.

Full details may be found here


The topic of service inventions is a recurring theme. I co-hosted a conference on this together with WIPO and ONO back in 2009. See here.

Following this event, the State of Israel sued Omrix claiming that their blood clotting adhesive was a govt. service invention. I argued that the strategy taken was flawed in that it invalidated the US patent. Furthermore, I noted that the attorney who the State outsourced to had an apparent conflict of interest as Omrix had been bought out by Johnson & Johnson and the attorney had been handling their trademark portfolio.

More recently, the State of Israel sued employees of the Volcani Institute claiming that they had stolen a service invention.

The topic is widely covered by Dr Shlomit Yanitzky Ravid in a book based on her PhD thesis. See here.

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