SOS – Has anyone managed to work the new Israel Trademark Office Paperless System Using Smart-cards?


On 27 May 2015 this Israel Patent Office announced a new paperless interface for loading-up and filing documents with the Trademark Department.

I asked my brother, who handles our trademark issues, to test drive the system and then write a guest blog post.

Unfortunately, despite the nice Power-Point presentation that we received by email, and the ever friendly patent office staff, we have been unsuccessful in getting into the system.

With Explorer one gets an error message to check various options and if the problem continues to contact the administrator. The problem is that once they are checked, one still gets the Error messages.

The specific error message is “This page can’t be displayed” Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 in Advanced Settings and try connecting to again. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator.

Brother Aharon (ne Jeremy) contacted me. I couldn’t get further than he did. We’ve updated Internet Explorer (IE) to IE9 and above, specifically IE11, which we then dumbed down to IE9. We tried Chrome and even installed and tried Firefox which is not supported by the Israel Patent Office, but which I had to install on my computer to obtain an electronic signature from WIPO when the last one ran out.

I am not acting on the helpful suggestion by someone in the Trademark Department to install Windows 9. Apart from the fact that there is no such animal, Windows 8 is a disaster, Noone uses Windows 10 yet, certainly not government people, and Windows 7, which is installed on my brother’s machine, works fine.

I took the computer around to a Cousin Nadav who does computer support for the Office of the Prime Minister and so is extraordinarily well equipped for the role of Administrator. Nadav showed his competence by cutting and pasting the error message into Google and establishing that the error is one of Microsoft Explorer. Nadav then followed various comments from technicians of various levels of competence but to no avail. He then showed Super Administrator competence by copying the error message and adding the word “solved”.

This didn’t work either.

It seems that the problem is one of Explorer that is not unique to the Patent Office and getting into various other on-line portals such as Amazon One-Click have similar problems. We can manage the non-smart card access for plebs, but Aharon needs the smart card access to do the high level trademark things that are reserved for Attorneys-in-Law and other trademark animals. Unfortunately, it seems that the old fashioned paper submissions are no longer possible due to this Internet Access. I will have no problem with that once the Internet Access works.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my cousin suggested that I contact other trademark practitioners and find someone who has solved the problem.

If among Dr Meir Noam’s sterling achievements at the helm of the Israel Association of Patent Attorneys the long awaited website was up and running, and if the camel committee defining the website had thought of having a forum for these issues, I’d post there. In the interim, I assume that some of the 500 odd followers of this blog are trademark practitioners and at least one of you has had a similar problem. If so, how did you solve it? By all means phone me if it easier for you than emailing.

A free box of stress relieving PC Teabags is available for anyone who wishes to type a polite and helpful response which I will be happy to share with other practitioners.

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