Changing Owners of a Patent


IL 191359 titled “DEFENSE SYSTEM FOR INTERCEPTING ELEMENTS WITH TARGET DIRECTED ENERGY BEAMS TRANSMITTING UNITS” was filed in 2008 in the names of Steven Shemesh, Giora Nir, Robert Landon Roach and Eliezer Abraham Shwartz. Hiowever, IL 222617 which is a divisional application of the first patent was filed in the name of Sahar LTD

Steven Shemesh requested that the second patent be filed in the names of the inventors as per the first patent. After a hearing was scheduled with the patentees of the first patent and a representative of Sahar LTD, the other parties filed a request to assign the patent to the names making the hearing redundant. The patent office accepted the assignment but noted that one of the parties,  Eliezer Abraham Shwartz was deceased, so ruled that his name should be followed by Z”L, an acronym meaning Remembered for a Blessing and roughly equivalent to RIP. The parties were given six months to register their shares and the attorney of record was ordered to provide a copy of the ruling to the beneficiaries of  Eliezer Abraham Shwartz Z”L, and the hearing was cancelled.


Inventors have the right to be named. Patents, should, however, be owned by companies rather than by a bunch of individual inventors. All patentees can  license the product or sell their share to anyone they like. With a patent directed to defense systems, this seems a little anarchistic.

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