Octopus With OK Kosher Certification

frozen octopus

OK Kosher is recognized and highly regarded as a global leader within the kosher food certification industry, and provides certification services on six continents. With headquarters in New York and regional offices around the world, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy leads a team of highly-skilled and highly- trained staff with more than 300 of the world’s leading kosher experts who ensure the highest standards of kosher compliance tailored to each of the thousands of establishments OK Kosher certifies.

The OK.org and Kashrut.com websites have issued the following kashrus alert: Please be advised that J & Y Trading Inc. Frozen Octopus Whole 6816 Fort Hamilton Paarkway Brooklyn, NY 11219 bears an unauthorized OK kosher symbol on the packaging. This product is NOT KOSHER. Corrective action is being taken.


It is highly advised for Rabbis and Rabbinic Courts that offer Kashrut Supervision to register their logos as service marks and to update the registrations as the logos get redesigned. This makes enforcement much easier.

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