Consent to Sex is not Consent to Being Photographed Having Sex


Two men distributed films of themselves having sex with a minor on Whatsapp and the Internet, to the girls classmates and others. The girl filed a complaint.

An Israel Magistrate’s Court ruled that filming someone performing a sexual act without her knowledge of the filming is a brutal penetration of that individual. Distributing the films is an even greater damage to her privacy and is a criminal act that may be punished by up to 5 years in prison.

The court found no connection between the minor consenting to sex and her consenting to public distribution of the intimate footage. In the circumstances, the court considered that it was in the public good to find the defendants guilty not just because of the general principles of criminal law, but also because of the damage caused to the complainant.  Finding the defendants guilty furthers the cause of creating basic norms regarding behaviour on the Internet and social media.

The Court has sentenced two men with public service, suspended jail sentences and to pay 20,000 Shekels compensation for breach of privacy of a minor.

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