IL 214003 A Request for an Extension to Reconsider

blake 7 bracelet

Israel Patent Application Number IL 214003 was filed by the inventor, Moshe Binyamin. The Patent Application relates to a bracelet for identifying and automatically correcting physiological diseases  by artificial homeosysis. This seems like something that could be remarkably useful. However, the applicant failed to respond to the Notice Prior to Examination and the file was closed in February 2014.

On 18 August 2015, the Applicant requested that the file be reopened. However, as over a year had passed, the patent office requested an Affidavit providing an explanation for the response not being filed and for the time lapse from when the file closed to when the request. A hearing was also set for 2 November 2015.

The Applicant did not submit an Affidavit and did not attend the hearing. Inquiries were made by telephone and he provided various explanations for his failure to turn up, however he could and should have requested a postponement. In a further phone conversation he requested that a decision be given based on papers submitted. Despite being requested to, he didn’t state that he was not interested in the hearing.

In the circumstances, the Deputy Commissioner Ms Jacqueline Bracha has ruled that within seven days, the Applicant will file a detailed Affidavit as to why the case was abandoned. Failure to do so will result in a ruling on the abandonment issuing, based on the documents on record.


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