I Filed a Patent Application On-Line in Israel


I have just filed my first Patent Application using the Israel Patent Office’s brand new on-line filing system. I logged on without a smart card, although I now have one.

The system is a little confusing. It offers PCT as priority application. This was a national phase entry with three EPO priorities. The PCT application is not a priority document. At least that is what I thought. When it became clear that I should have chosen PCT I had to start again.

I was invited to add priority documents. I could not find EPO. I did, however, find “OPE אירופה"  and therefore used that three times.

The client in this case is the Max Planck Institute. This is an established client of mine. It is also, I suppose, an Institute of Higher Education. However, I never applied for an Institute of Higher Education discount  in the past as this is a new discount. I could have added an affidavit at this stage, however I got the application only today (3rd January). The deadline is Thursday 7th January and the patent office staff are in Eilat on holiday at a training seminar today and tomorrow, with extremely limited customer support. There was no option for subsequent supplying of an affidavit.

I struggled on, putting in data a couple of times and uploaded the spec, claims and figs, eventually finishing the process. I was not asked to upload an abstract and had no opportunity to do so. I debated whether I should upload one in the guise of a DNA listing, or start again adding the abstract to the specification.

In the end, I didn’t submit one. After all, I wasn’t asked to.

I did, however, submit the PCT application as published as an appendix which was an option offered. This includes the abstract.

I was charged the new reduced fee of 2017 Shekels.

By my reckoning I should have paid a surcharge of 508 Shekels for excess pages. The system didn’t request this. When I am requested for it, I may be able to retroactively obtain the new academic client discount.

I have a receipt for the filing. I do NOT have an application number but it is 7:40 PM and so even if the Israel Patent Office staff weren’t partying having intensive training in Eilat, there would be no one to talk to anyway.

I will try to check up what’s happening later this week, and if necessary hand file the application on Thursday.

The system no doubt will have teething problems, but this is more ecological than printing out a 153 page document and also scanning to disk. With my smart card I should be able to file applications from a laptop from anywhere in the world which could be useful.

No doubt once the gremlins are dealt with and I get use to the system its advantages over the previous ways of filing will become apparent.


I  got home to find a message in my in box to the effect that the application had NOT been properly uploaded. Not the specification, nor the claims nor the figures and not even the online payment although I had a receipt that it was paid.

I went through all the hoops again and was rewarded with an email that everything was hunky-dory and even received an Application number. I have no idea what went right.

I now have to request a refund for the first filing fee payment.

No doubt once I get used to the system and its bugs get insecticized, this will be a vast improvement on the paper system which has its own problems with cover sheets getting lost, etc.

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  1. Mea Culpa,
    I neglected to say that I need the starting page link for ONLINE patent applications

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