Circular 19/2012 Updated to Reflect On-line filing, but what about the Abstract?

abstract painting

Now that the Israel Patent Office is set up for and accepts on-line national phase entry of patent applications, Applicants can either file on paper or directly on line. The relevant Circular 19/2012 has been updated accordingly.

One can upload the Specification, Figures, Claims and genetic sequence if relevant using fields in the on-line interface.

My second attempt at filing on line went like a dream. I do, however, have one little problem: what about the Abstract?

In the old days, Applications in Israel did not have Abstracts and the Examiner, on allowing the application would write an abstract to accompany a representative image in the patent office journal where the allowance was published for opposition purposes.

More recently, the Applicant (or his representative) was requested to prepare an abstract, which was typically not a problem as the abstract from the PCT or priority document was used.

Now abstracts are sometimes like abstract works of art. One can read anything into them, and the author’s intention and the litigator’s understanding may both be equally legitimate which is one reason that statements made in the Abstract are rarely given much weight.

The problem I have is that the interface does not have a tab for uploading the Abstract and the updated Circular does not refer to this either.

One could submit the abstract as the last page of the description or appended to the claims. Not knowing what to do, I used the genetic sequence if relevant tab to upload a file labeled Abstract and assumed that someone in the patent office would realize that the attachment was not a genetic sequence but an abstract and deal with it accordingly. I thought that fairly quickly the Israel Patent Office would add a further field for uploading the Abstract as the PCT Easy software has one. Now I am not sure. Maybe the Examiner is going to write one as in the old days? Maybe with greater classification and full text searches the abstract has been deemed unnecessary? Does anyone know? Does anyone except me care?

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  1. Here’s how I have fun with patents. I pop over to a friendly patent database, such as freepatentsonline, open a search and pop in keywords that should never appear in a patent application. Examples are “superluminary”, “zero point energy”, “antimatter”, “space warp”, “time dilation”, “telepathy” , or any new-age psycho-babble.
    Then I go read the examiners office actions.
    You would be surprised at the stuff that turns up, both in quantity and stupidity. Enough material for a a very amusing book.
    If you want an extreme example, look up inventor John Quincy St. Clair (11 applications of pure twaddle).
    But the absolute winner must surely be US20100230508. If you can actually read, much less understand, the first claim, I’ll buy you lunch. The examiner actually did read some of it, because he objected to a profanity in the specification. Must have come home with a bad headache that day.

    • Benny,

      I am familiar with the John Quincy St Clair patents. In fact, the one time one of my blog posts went viral was when I noted an application he’d written for walking through walls which someone misunderstood as being an issued patents for walking through walls.

      I’ve seen some horrendous patents and have some war stories. I wait to see what Kfir writes.

      As for lunch, AquaMaof has an office in my building. If you are ever here, am happy to meet you for lunch.

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