Kfir Luzzatto is Having Fun

Dr Kfir Luzzatto has published a new book. Judging by its title, “Fun With Patents”, after flirting with horror literature such as Mice and cures for male patent baldness he has gone back to his roots as a fourth generation patent attorney is writing about Patent Law again.

Actually, one may argue that his recent book titled “Regrow Your Hair with Your Mind”  was going back to his roots. Not just his hair follicles. For Dr Kfir is a descent of the Luzzatto dynasty of Rabbis, one of whom, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto wrote a sort of early 13 steps guide to reaching higher levels of consciousness called the Straight Path, and though directed to attaining higher levels of spirituality such as prophecy rather than merely growing lots of hair (which many Israel Patent Attorneys, such as Sandford T Colb, myself, Sinai Yarus, Yaakov Schatz, etc. don’t seem to have a problem with, however, some of our illustrious colleagues, do seem to suffer), is nevertheless somewhat connected to that work of Kfir’s.

The book, in electronic format, is currently available here at reduced pre-sale price, so those of you looking for a romantic present to give to a patent attorney need look no further.

I can’t, as yet, comment on the contents of the book as I have not read it. It may overlap his previous works. Indeed, if I was to write a book called Fun with Patents, there would probably be a chapter on better mousetraps and another one on patent medicine for curing male baldness and other ailments.

Dr Luzzatto has promised to send me a hard copy once printed, so hopefully a book review will be forthcoming.

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